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Polyurethane Mudjacking

Adams mudjacking now offers the use of polyurethane foam as an addtional option of the materials we use for concrete raising as well as limestone grout and a ready-mixed flowable fill

Advantages of polyurethane foam ?

  1. It weighs about 4 lbs per cubic foot compared to 150 to 200 lbs per cubic foot
  2. its better at filling voids because it will squeeze into much tighter areas
  3. Its cleaner – better on inside jobs
  4. Much quieter application process
  5. The diameter of the wholes are much smaller   5/8 ” compared to 1 1/2 inch for standard grout  less noticeble
  6. You can space your holes much farther apart   less noticeable
  7. Reasons 1,2,and 3 make it a better option for stamped and colored concrete
  8. Its used mostly by the DOT on bridge approaches and highways because of resistent to water damage and lighter weight
  9. acts as a moisture barrier
  10. Quick cure time


  1. cost –  the material costs are  more expensive
  2. psi strength is about 100 psi compared to 100 to 2500 psi for are grout and flowable fill
  3. You have more control with standard mudjacking material for the trickier jobs like steps


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